Boomi Launches Centralized Control Plane for API Discovery and Management

Boomi, the intelligent integration and automation leader, is unveiling the Boomi API Control Plane, a solution designed to make all APIs—including those hidden in the organization, aka “shadow APIs”—discoverable and manageable from a single place. Released within Boomi’s API Management solution, the Boomi API Control Plane empowers enterprises to take control of their API estates with efficient governance.

As a result of Boomi’s acquisition of APIIDA’s federated API management business, the Boomi API Control Plane centralizes API governance—even shadow APIs that exist outside of IT’s scope—to increase API consumption and efficiency across the enterprise, according to the company.

“APIs are the backbone of modern digital transformation yet managing them across various platforms remains a significant challenge for many organizations. Unlike other APIM vendors, Boomi provides a federated API management approach that is truly vendor-independent, enabling organizations to utilize existing on-premises and cloud API runtimes effectively while addressing API sprawl,” said Ed Macosky, chief product and technology officer at Boomi. “With the Boomi API Control Plane, we are setting a new standard for API management by offering an integrated, holistic solution that simplifies operations, strengthens governance, and accelerates innovation.”

The Boomi API Control Plane additionally enhances developer productivity through simplified API management across gateways, offering insights on API performance and usage that help to drive greater value from existing on-prem and cloud investments. The solution helps to ensure that policies are consistent across platforms, further mitigating data breaches and easing security audits.

“Organizations increasingly need federated API management to handle the complex and diverse API landscapes that span multiple environments and platforms,” said Shari Lava, senior research director, AI and automation at IDC. “A centralized, federated approach can enable consistent governance, security, and monitoring across all APIs, reducing risks and enhancing operational efficiency.”

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