Borland Brings Automation to Cloud, Web and Mobile Platform Testing

Borland, a Micro Focus company, has launched a set of test automation tools for cloud, web and mobile platforms. Working with existing development and testing frameworks, the Borland Silk Portfolio helps developers apply component-based test automation to uncertain and risky technology platforms and multiple devices, networks and operating systems.

“The portfolio is targeted at people working in development teams through to QA,” Becky Wetherill, Borland Solutions product manager with Micro Focus, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The term ‘development team’ is being used in different ways at the moment, she notes. In certain areas, development is actually covering the true development of code all the way through to QA and through release, she says. In other companies, development is considered separate from QA. “We are looking at the complete process but the key thing is building quality as early as possible into the process.”

These teams are under intense pressure to produce more in shorter development cycles, as well as deploy applications to more mobile platforms and devices, says Wetherill. As a result, in recent years, there has been a trend for companies to move to agile development, particularly in the mobile space. The need for rapid turnaround in testing can be addressed through application testing automation, Wetherill points out.

The Silk product set includes Silk Mobile, which provides functional testing of mobile devices across all platforms, and Silk, which enables test automation that delivers cross browser and cross platform testing, and is designed to be used visually without any coding with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse. In addition, the suite includes Silk Performer Cloud, which simulates load tests in the cloud, and Silk WebMeter, a website performance tool that tests websites globally.

Also within the portfolio is Silk Performer, a performance and load testing tool for web 2.0, enterprise and mobile applications, and Silk Central, a test management feature for agile and traditional development projects.

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