Bradmark Expands Sybase Monitoring Capabilities

Bradmark Technologies, Inc., has announced the maintenance releases of Surveillance for Sybase that bolsters Bradmark's continuing development of its premier monitoring solution for Sybase data management products, enabling customers - including many that manage the world's most critical data - to cost-effectively maintain unprecedented performance and reliability.

Key Surveillance functionality and support include ASE Statement Cache; ASE In-memory Databases; Sybase connectivity without "interfaces" file; Support for ASE 15.5, ASE CE 15.5; Support for IQ 15.2; and Recently Executed SQL Window for IQ 15.x

For evaluation copies on CD, visit Bradmark's website and click on the Demo Request link, or contact your Bradmark representative directly. Surveillance is also available directly from Sybase, and can now be purchased on eShop, Sybase's online store. For more information, or to place an order, go here.