Bradmark Showcases Latest Release of Surveillance for Sybase ASE Cluster Edition and Sybase IQ 15 at TechWave 2009

For the fifth consecutive year, Bradmark Technologies is sponsoring Sybase at the upcoming user training and solutions conference to be held in Washington, DC, August 25-27. As a strategic partner, Bradmark continues their strong support and commitment to provide Sybase customers with best-in-class monitoring and event management solutions.

Bradmark's Surveillance addresses a DBA's or SA's reactive and proactive system management needs by quickly identifying and eliminating database problems. As a result, users can proceed with confidence knowing that their system environment is successfully delivering and supporting their end user needs.

"We look forward to joining with Sybase in providing information on new product developments, networking, technical support, and face-to-face interaction with Sybase database users," states Brad Tashenberg, Bradmark's CEO. For more information about Bradmark, go here.