Bradmark SurveillanceDB Monitors Critical Data Transactions for Leading Facets Customers

Bradmark Technologies, Inc., a provider of application solutions for database management, announced that its flagship product, SurveillanceDB, has been selected by Facets users, including Blue Care Network of Michigan, Kansas City, Wellpoint and others as their monitoring solution to ensure overall system efficiency by reducing the time to identify and resolve database issues and track departmental usage. Facets is TriZetto's enterprisewide software solution for health plan administration. The state-of-the-art platform, with integrated applications, automates processes across an entire enterprise and drives greater cost-efficiencies. Facets also helps organizations support the consumer-directed products demanded by today's retail healthcare market and deliver advanced care management capabilities.

SurveillanceDB provides essential tools for real-time monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data archiving and reporting. Its architecture is client/agent based allowing for n+1 scalability to an unlimited number of servers, and the product also monitors the operating system to ensure data integrity. "The need to maintain a real-time snapshot of daily transactions for corporate reporting and analysis becomes increasingly apparent for leading HMOs and managed care companies," states Bradley Tashenberg, CEO, Bradmark Technologies. "These organizations require mission-critical infrastructure solutions for uninterrupted availability, optimal performance, and fast (even real-time) integration of data between multiple systems and locations," says Tashenberg.

As a strategic alliance Sybase partner, Bradmark is the recommended choice for monitoring and managing ASE, Replication Server and Sybase IQ investments that run on UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems. With support for Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase and IBM database as well, Surveillance provides a single, integrated source for DBAs to manage multi-database, multi-OS system enterprises from a single source. For additional information, go here.