Bradmark Technologies Teams Up with mLogica to Expand IT Solutions

Bradmark Technologies, Inc., a provider of monitoring and performance management software for big data and enterprise databases, and mLogica, Inc. are entering a strategic partner agreement to expand and deliver integrated IT solutions and services worldwide.

mLogica provides enterprise business intelligence and big data analytic solutions and services and will integrate Bradmark software in its database managed services, big data analytic solutions, database migration, and expert database services.

Additionally, mLogica, as a Bradmark’s global distributor, will market Bradmark software to its prospects and clients worldwide and Bradmark will promote mLogica’s products and solutions within its prospect and client base.

“We are excited to add mLogica to our team in this strategic relationship for the benefit of our customers—both current and future” said Bradley Tashenberg, president and CEO of Bradmark. “mLogica brings over a decade of experience in enterprise data management, business intelligence and Big Data services and solutions. Bradmark’s products will be integrated with mLogica’s solutions and offerings. mLogica will also help drive our license sales and expansion into international markets especially in APAC and LATAM regions.”

This partnership alliance concides with former Sybase president Steve Capelli joining Bradmark as chairman of the board. Capelli, who also serves on mLogica’s board, will help direct global sales teams drive revenue growth and market leadership.

“I am looking forward to work with Bradmark and mLogica to further expand market position and maximize its potential globally,” said Capelli.

The partnership will also enable the availability of Surveillance DB performance monitioring software for SAP (HANA, ASE, IQ and Replication Server), Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server, expert database services including crisis mitigation, health checks, database audits, and performance and tuning with Surveillance DB performance monitioring software will be extended to all customers, database migration services with mLogica’s Migration Tool Kit and Surveillance DB performance monitioring software will be made available along with database Managed Services with Surveillance DB Monitioring software and big data analytics with mLogica’s MCAP (Converged Analytic Platform) and Surveillance DB performance monitioring software.

 “The strategic partnership between our two companies greatly enhances each organization’s ability to bring a more complete technology offering to each other’s clientele," said Amit Okhandiar, mLogica’s president and CEO.  “Both organizations can also target new customers with mLogica’s specialized database, business intelligence and big data offerings.”

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