Bradmark Technologies and Reseller Enter Strategic Partnership

Bradmark Technologies, Inc., a global provider of monitoring and performance management software for big data and transactional databases, is entering a reseller agreement with Database License Reseller, LLC, Inc., an SAP database technologies and legacy Sybase products and services provider. The agreement will allow Database License Reseller to offer Bradmark’s Surveillance DB performance monitoring software to the SAP Sybase database market.

Under this agreement, Database License Reseller, LLC will offer Bradmark’s Surveillance database monitoring product line for SAP HANA, Sybase’s ASE, IQ and Replication Server, Oracle, Microsoft’s SQL Server, IBM’s DB2 and Informix, as well as MySQL. 

Surveillance allows DBAs to view and analyze their entire data server enterprise from a single operational dashboard without impacting production servers. 

 “Customers of all sizes and complexity occasionally run into issues they can’t diagnose with the standard DBA tools,” said Allan Roeder, owner of Database License Reseller, LLC. “Bradmark’s performance management software allows a deep dive into the inner workings of the database and graphically depicts those occurrences so the DBA or consultant can efficiently diagnose and resolve.”

“We are excited to add Database License Reseller, LLC to our team in this strategic relationship for the benefit of our SAP Sybase users—both current and future,” said Bradley Tashenberg, president and CEO of Bradmark. “Allan’s background, excellent reputation, understanding and support for this database community is well known and will provide a welcome addition to Bradmark’s support channel.”

This agreement coincides with Bradmark's upcoming release of Surveillance DB version 4.7, a cross-functional set of monitoring tools that satisfies an organization's data management needs across an entire SAP database enterprise.

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