Brandon Systems Acquires Terminal Emulation Vendor Jolly Giant Software

Brandon Systems, a mainframe modernization tools vendor, recently acquired Jolly Giant Software Inc., a developer of terminal emulation software. This acquisition complements WIRE (Web Interface Rules Engine), Brandon's existing mainframe modernization product.

Jolly Giant’s flagship product, the QWS3270 PLUS emulator, will increase the breadth of Brandon's software line, Seth Hemley, president of Brandon Systems, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Our WIRE product provides support for both 3270 and 5250 based systems and is delivered to both web browsers and mobile devices,” he says. “Our QWS3270 and 5250 products provide traditional Windows based terminal emulation at a very competitive price point. Both products fully support the 3270 secure protocol as well.”

WIRE is a .NET development and runtime engine that enables development and deployment of Web applications that leverage mainframe resources for a variety of user types. Interfaces range from a classic “green screen” style for traditional power users and intermediate interfaces with Web tabs and clickable buttons for users with some training, to interfaces incorporating Web 2.0 functionality in composite applications for more savvy users.

More details is available on the Brandon Systems website.