Breaking News – BMC Software Announces Self Service IT Workload

BMC Software announced a workload automation solution that enables business users to manage their own workloads without requiring the intervention of IT departments. The new tool, BMC Control-M Self Service, enables users check the status of their work, make workload processing changes for their business transactions and access a service catalog of predefined workloads.

"BMC Control-M Self Service is arming business users with more control over their IT environment," says Bill Miller, president of mainframe service management for BMC Software. "The lines between IT and business users are being blurred and BMC is seeking to provide a clear vision with easy-to-use tools that empower them to play a leading role in delivering their end product." 

Some organizations have sought to enable business users to perform routine requests on their own by providing restricted access to workload automation tools, a process that requires extensive training on technical applications. BMC says its Control-M Self Service tool only requires that business users have access to a browser to view and request IT workload services.

Organizations need a way for business users to quickly, securely and easily get status information on their event driven and scheduled processing transactions with the ability to make policy managed changes to those transactions. BMC Control-M Self Service provides access to a service catalog that enables business users to initiate services that are important to the business, such as changes to transactions, all on a controlled and secure platform.

BMC Control-M Self Service also is designed to eliminate the delay of information caused with service requests, enabling business users to provide better and more timely service to internal and external customers. The new capabilities also may help to reduce service desk tickets.

The new Self Service solution is part of BMC's Control-M line, intended to manage and run workloads in physical, virtual and cloud environments with dynamic workload management and workload policies. For more information on BMC's Control-M solutions, go here.