Breaking News – INNOVATION and EMC Announce Enterprise Data Protection Collaboration

INNOVATION Data Processing, a mainframe data management provider, announced it is working with EMC, a storage solutions provider, to offer joint solutions for IBM's new zEnterprise mainframe, together with EMC Symmetrix multi-platform access from System z (i.e., z/SOS for Symmetrix). INNOVATION announced two new solutions, FDRSOS V5.4.75 and SOSINSTANT, to support enterprise backup of open systems onto a mainframe and EMC platform.

"There is a new wave in enterprise computing. Customers are consolidating open systems servers onto the new zEnterprise 196 mainframes to simplify management and gain greater flexibility," according to Thomas Meehan, vice president of advanced technology for INNOVATION. "To further reduce operational cost and complexity, customers are also consolidating mainframe and enterprise data onto high performance storage like the Symmetrix VMAX. This dual wave of consolidation creates new opportunities to centralize and simplify the entire backup and recovery process."

FDRSOS is the first multi-platform disaster recovery and enterprise data protection solution to employ z/SOS for Symmetrix, to directly read and write the same Symmetrix volumes used by the open systems business applications themselves, and efficiently store its enterprise backups to the EMC DLm960 with De-duplication. SOSINSTANT, employing EMC TimeFinder, ensures FDRSOS backups are non-disruptive keeping critical and revenue-generating enterprise applications online without compromising information security. FDRSOS with SOSINSTANT is a solution to consolidate hundreds of open systems enterprise backup servers onto single z/OS backup server running on System z.

"The combination of FDRSOS and SOSINSTANT is unique," says Meehan. "There is no other enterprise disaster recovery or data protection solution today that has the capability of using high-performance Systems z FICON channels to non-disruptively backup open systems enterprise data while the business applications themselves remain up and fully available. FDRSOS can help clients simplify operations and eliminate the cost of maintaining their disparate backup environments by consolidating and managing them through the mainframe; especially as the EMC z/SOS for Symmetrix facility is now available at no charge to all existing and new Symmetrix and VMAX customers."

The EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm960) with De-duplication Storage Expansion Option dramatically improves virtual tape z/OS backup and recovery with the ability to achieve longer onsite retention, optimized replication and lower overall disk and tape storage costs. FDRSOS backup of open systems data now extends the benefits of mainframe data protection with data de-duplication across the entire enterprise.

"Now EMC z/SOS customers can easily incorporate management of TimeFinder from their mainframe to near instantaneously create point-in-time backups of the same disk volumes their enterprise business applications are using," says Meehan.

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