Breaking News - GT Software Announces Native Web Services Access for CA IDMS Applications and Data

GT Software, a provider of mainframe integration and data access solutions, today announced at the SHARE conference that its flagship product, Ivory Service Architect, now enables developers to build web services that natively access CA IDMS programs and data. By providing native access, Ivory Service Architect enables developers to more rapidly access and extend business applications.

"With this enhancement, it's even easier to achieve seamless, secure, high performance access to valuable mainframe applications provided by CA IDMS," according to Steve Able, chief technology officer for GT Software. "CA IDMS developers now have a better way to enable web services."

Ivory Service Architect is bi-directional, enabling CA IDMS mapped and mapless transactions to access external services hosted on SOAP, REST XML, and JSON servers so developers have a choice of interfaces. CA IDMS mapless transactions are integrated at the application layer using direct interface modules.

In addition, Ivory Data Access provides SQL data access to CA IDMS databases via industry-standard ODBC or JDBC.

Ivory Service Architect supports the deployment of mainframe-based SOAP, REST-based, and JSON services without requiring any changes to the service definition. It also supports the deployment of web services across z/VSE, z/OS, CICS, IMS, Windows, and Linux. Key features of this ubiquitous platform support include the ability to shift integration and SOA-related workload off the mainframe to reduce MIPS, as well as leveraging new mainframe MIPS-reducing hardware such as IFL processors with Linux on z, and the exploitation of the zIIP and zAAP.

More details are available from GT Software.