Breaking News — Oracle Introduces Oracle Tuxedo 11g

Oracle today announced Oracle Tuxedo 11g, its application server for mission-critical C/C++ and COBOL applications.

Part of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, this service-oriented architecture (SOA)-ready platform provides a standards-based application development model with support for C/C++, COBOL, Ruby and Python programming languages. According to Oracle, organizations can achieve cost savings while maintaining a quality of service level comparable to a mainframe system by re-hosting mainframe applications to run on Oracle Tuxedo 11g.

New products joining the Oracle Tuxedo 11g family include Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime 11g for CICS and Batch and Oracle Tuxedo Application Re-hosting Workbench 11g. Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime improves the process of mainframe migration to open systems by automating re-hosting.

New features in Oracle Tuxedo 11g include Oracle Tuxedo JCA (Java EE Connector Architecture) Adapter 11g, which enables Integration with JCA-compliant application servers; as well as Oracle Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT) 11g, which provides a SCA (Service Component Architecture) programming model for mission-critical web services thus enabling reduced time to market for new business services, and delivers WS-TX (Web Services Transaction) support, which enables transactional integrity across web services. Additionally, Oracle Tuxedo 11g includes Oracle Tuxedo System and Application Monitor (TSAM) 11g, which enhances monitoring through a new Web 2.0-based, interactive console for faster problem resolution and root cause analysis.

"Global organizations need the best possible application server for mission-critical C/C++ and COBOL applications to ensure uninterrupted operation and service delivery in a cost effective way," states Frank Xiong, vice president of Software Development, Oracle. "With the new Tuxedo Application Re-hosting and Runtime solution and increased support for SOA application development and enhanced language support, Oracle Tuxedo 11g sets the standard for scalability and performance, and provides customers with an industrial strength alternative to mainframe systems."

For more information on Oracle Tuxedo 11g, go here.