Breaking News - Quest Toad for Oracle 11 Offers Enhancements to Reduce Risk

Quest Software has announced the availability of a new release of Toad for Oracle, the flagship product in the Toad portfolio.

The new release contains a number of notable new capabilities, including the new Code Analysis feature which provides developers with a more flexible and intuitive way to perform code reviews and analysis, enabling them to apply code review rules according to severity level, objective and code element, and rule attributes.  

"In the past you might have had the ability to do optimization of code and confirm that there were no errors but you would have to run it at the end of your development cycle to see if you had any problems, and it might force you to go back and do revisions and delay they release, assuming you caught the error," John Whittaker, senior manager of product marketing for Quest Toad, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  "With this new capability, we are actually able to do it instantaneously, in-stream. While the developer is coding, he or she can see if they've had any errors or violations," he explains. As a result, the process is improved and the risk of downtime is reduced. 

In addition, more management features have been added into the toolset to enable greater collaboration between the developers and development managers, says Whittaker.  The Code Analysis dashboard gives managers deeper visibility so they can more easily assess the status of code quality. "That is another big enhancement within the program that is breaking new ground."

Enhancements aimed at DBAs in the new release of Toad for Oracle help them become more proactive by automating frequent database management tasks, ensuring optimal performance, and mitigating the risk of changes. New Database Health Check enhancements give DBAs a high level of visibility into the status of all managed databases, including virtual databases and the way Oracle Enterprise Edition management packs and options are being used. In addition, all of this can be executed against multiple databases.

And in a fourth key improvement that is more security-oriented, says Whittaker, there is a now a read-only setting to prevent inadvertent changes being made by developers. "It a security enhancement that we have added to the toolset to protect the developer or administrator from accidentally making changes that they did not anticipate."

With 2 million Oracle users, Toad for Oracle is an extremely popular database tool, says Whittaker.

Complete details about the new release, are available at