Breaking News—Attachmate Announces Enterprise File Transfer Product

Marking Attachmate's official entry into the managed file transfer market, the company announced the FileXpress family of products, which provides a strategic solution to secure, automate and improve the movement of files over the Internet and within the data center.

FileXpress software is designed to address organizations' need for file transfer solutions that can handle an expanding volume of files that are growing in size, and deliver those files to locations around the world, Attachmate says. The software is intended to facilitate the electronic delivery of large files to anyone, anywhere, regardless of platform or applications.

"It has become apparent that organizations that have had the existing legacy based file transfer solutions for some time are at a point where they are re-evaluating what they have because their needs have changed and evolved," Sam Morris, product marketing manager for Attachmate, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We took a look at the market called ‘managed file transfer' and decided that there was a real opportunity for us there. We are releasing a set of products targeted at that market and branded FileXpress. These include FileXpress Platform Server FileXpress Internet Server, and FileXpress Command Center, and each has a distinct role."

The opportunity for organizations to improve the way they do file transfers falls into two key areas, one is in moving files internally within the data center across platforms, and the second is in doing internet-based file transfers with partners and customers, Morris explains. FileXpress delivers secure file exchanges over the internet, differentiating itself from competitive solutions on the market through its ability to support both user-driven and automated file transfers. With support for data security regulations through encryption, authentication, auditing and role-based administration functionality, FileXpress enables effective business-to-business integration with partners, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Enabling strategic cross-platform and internet-based file exchanges, FileXpress provides support for z/OS, Windows, Unix and Linux, enabling organizations to leverage FileXpress to centrally configure, execute, monitor and audit all file transfer activity between their critical internal systems. FileXpress also enables external transfers over the Internet and across all major platforms, from Windows to the mainframe.

For organizations that regularly transfer sensitive information, FileXpress enables compliance with security regulations including PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and others. It also supports a range of secure file transfer protocols including HTTPS, FTP/S, SFTP, PGP over FTP and AS2.

Additionally, through its automation capabilities, FileXpress helps organizations save time and reduce costs by eliminating manual efforts in business processes that involve file transfer. It offers automation capabilities such as monitored directories, post-processing on transferred files and web-services support.

To evaluate the FileXpress family of products, go here.