Breaking News-CA Releases Latest Mainframe Database Management Tools

CA, Inc. today announced CA Database Management r12 for DB2 for z/OS, and CA Database Management r12 for IMS, the latest versions of its mainframe database management solution. The new versions feature enhancements for performance management, database administration, and backup and recovery.

CA Database Management r12 leverages CA's Mainframe 2.0 technology, making it easier to acquire and install, says Scott Jessee, vice president of database development for CA's Mainframe Business Unit. "This ability to optimize mainframe database environments has become particularly crucial as business demands escalate and IT resources remain highly constrained,"

CA says it is also offering standard implementation and conversion services with a rigorous methodology to help organizations deploy, integrate and configure CA Database Management r12.

CA Database Management r12 for DB2 for z/OS is designed to help organizations better address DB2 for z/OS database and application performance issues, streamline administration tasks, and maintain time- and resource-efficient backup and recovery processes. IT staffs can employ fully automated diagnostic and troubleshooting techniques, software-guided techniques, or manual approaches as appropriate-depending on the specific task, problem or skill sets at hand.

For example, a new feature in CA Database Management r12, Real Time Object Selection, helps IT staff save time and avoid errors by dynamically identifying objects that need maintenance. CA Database Management r12 can then automatically build the actions required for that maintenance-which can then either be executed immediately, deferred to reduce processing loads, or presented to administrators for review.

Additional enhancements include automated performance monitoring, analysis, and exchange of data across DB2 for z/OS, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows-based databases, with results displayed in CA Wily Application Performance Management. The product also helps relieve storage constraints by using 64-bit storage for collection of performance data.

CA Database Management r12 for DB2 for z/OS uses the automated installation and maintenance functions of CA's Mainframe 2.0 technology, leveraging CA Mainframe Software Manager Services-including the Product Acquisition Service, which helps simplify software retrieval, and the Software Installation Service, which utilizes an intuitive GUI and Installation Wizard for software implementation.

CA Database Management r12 for IMS is an integrated solution that eases the management of IMS databases. This solution provides database administration, performance management, and backup and recovery capabilities for IMS Full Function, Fast Path, and High Availability Large Database (HALDB) structures. Key enhancements include support for IMS 11, performance improvements to both the CA products and IMS itself, and increased data availability during backups.

For more information, visit the CA website.