Breaking News—CEP Vendors Aleri and Coral8 Merge

Aleri and Coral8, two providers of complex event processing (CEP) software and solutions, today announced that they have joined forces to expand the reach and increase the speed of innovation for next-generation, real-time event processing technology and solutions. The combined product family will offer a software suite for developing, implementing and delivering real-time analytics and business intelligence.

The merger between Aleri and Coral8 creates one of the broadest customer bases of CEP users, with clients across a range of industries and rooted in multiple sectors of the capital markets. The merged company will operate under the Aleri name. Don DeLoach, former CEO of Aleri, will remain CEO of the merged operations, while Terry Cunningham, former CEO of Coral8, will become the chairman of the board for Aleri.

Aleri and Coral8 customers and partners will benefit from having access to a wider product range of tools and solutions from a combined company with a global footprint and support organization, the vendor says. Additionally, the company is able to offer vertical industry expertise in capital markets as well as horizontal technology expertise in event processing and solutions that deliver real-time analytics to other markets such as e-commerce, energy management, logistics and more.

The merger accelerates the Aleri and Coral8 strategic initiatives to deliver products that reach beyond CEP to provide a range of tools and solutions that make it easy for customers to achieve what Aleri brands as "Continuous Intelligence." The combined product offering includes real-time data analysis delivered through an enterprise-class complex event processing software platform, as well as high-performance CEP capabilities, the vendor says.

Additional features in the combined product line include detailed, live multidimensional analytics of live data sets for roll-up and drill-down delivered via fast, open, real-time OLAP software, as well as a web-based dashboard application that delivers personalized results to users.

"We are very excited about the tremendous capabilities this merger will bring to all of our customers and partners," states Aleri CEO DeLoach, in a prepared statement. "By combining the two companies we are able to provide an incredibly rich product offering with proven scalability and performance and a broad range of capabilities that help our customers achieve their goals faster. We believe this puts us in a strong position to secure market leadership in an industry that currently has no clear market leader."

For more information, go to the Aleri website.