Breaking News—Clerity Ships New Release of Mainframe Rehosting Software

Clerity Solutions, Inc., a provider of mainframe migration and modernization solutions, today released the latest version of its rehosting software, stating that it offers increased choice in deployment platforms, advanced security options, and innovations that simplify migrations of online and batch application environments to open systems servers.

Version 11.0 of UniKix adds support for a wider range of operating system platforms, including HP Itanium IA64 systems running HP-UX11i versions 2 and 3; IBM POWER systems running AIX 5.3 and greater; Sun SPARC systems running Solaris 10 and greater; x86 or x64 systems running SuSE Linux Enterprise 10; and IBM System z mainframe systems running SuSE Linux Enterprise 9.

"UniKix is a great fit for organizations implementing Linux on System z strategies, consolidating workloads back on the mainframe, or looking for an alternative path forward for z/VSE workloads," Brandon Edenfield, president of Clerity, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Now organizations can run existing mainframe CICS, batch, COBOL, VSAM and related systems alongside z/Linux workloads, addressing new application requirements such as SOA and Web services." 

The benefit of deploying workloads within Linux environments on the mainframe is that companies "are able to take advantage of mainframe qualities of service and virtualization capabilities while greatly reducing annual IT costs by running these legacy environments on specialty priced processors with reduced software and operating system licensing fees," Edenfield says.

UniKix provides a mission-critical environment for deploying mainframe CICS, IMS, IDMS, Adabas, Natural, and other legacy assets on open systems. Once a rehosted platform is in place, subsequent modernization initiatives including SOA integration, user-interface transformation, and selective business process management improvements can safely take place using software products such as Clerity Service Builder and Clerity Web Connect, the vendor says.

The new release of UniKix also offers advanced security features that match mainframe security options. Improved batch processing also simplifies the process of rehosting batch workloads and the administration on open systems.
More information on UniKix is available here.