Breaking News—Free Reporting Software from MicroStrategy Helps Business Users Make Decisions from Microsoft SSAS Data

MicroStrategy, a provider of business intelligence software, today announced that its free reporting software package, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite, provides a seamless interface to Microsoft Analysis Services. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provides online analytical processing and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications.

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is a reporting and analysis tool that allows business users to interface with SSAS data, enabling basic and advanced analysis, ad hoc reporting, and data visualization. According to MicroStrategy, this free reporting software package is suited for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as departments in any size organization that need an integrated, self-service BI solution for Microsoft SSAS.

"The integration of MicroStrategy Reporting Suite with Microsoft Analysis Services enables business users to leverage actionable information easily from Microsoft SQL Server relational and cube data sources," says MicroStrategy COO Sanju Bansal. "MicroStrategy Reporting Suite extends Microsoft SSAS data analysis to all users, empowering them to readily discover trends and anomalies in convenient web-based reports."

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite provides web-based reporting of Microsoft SSAS data for up to 100 users, at no charge. Free online training, free online support, and other free resources are available to help ensure rapid development and deployment.

Business users can download the free software here.

To learn more about MicroStrategy Reporting Suite, visit here.