Breaking News—Informatica Launches Version 9 of its Data Integration Platform

Informatica today announced version 9 of its data integration platform with the theme of "Enabling the Data-Driven Enterprise." The Informatica platform is a comprehensive offering that provides for enterprise data integration, cloud data integration, B2B data exchange, and data quality across the whole enterprise. Major new features in version 9 of the platform focus on the areas of SOA-based data services, pervasive data quality, and Business-IT collaboration.

Arvind Parthasarathi, vice president of product management for Informatica, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the key elements of building a data-driven enterprise are the ability to provide relevant, trustworthy, and timely data to the organization. Informatica 9 enables all three of these through the feature areas of business-IT collaboration, data quality, and multi-modal data provisioning services. Features in version 9 that enable Business-IT collaboration include the ability to provide users with views into their data based on the way they are used to seeing it. This allows business users to participate in the entire process of getting the data they want. Data quality is provided via capabilities such as highly accurate global matching and address cleansing with domain aware pre-built rules and reference data.

Regarding multi-modal data provisioning services, Parthasarathi continued by saying "we provide the right data to users at the right time based on their business needs. The right data means data in its most relevant form for its intended use including various data types and data technologies. The right time can vary according to the amount of data latency any given business process can tolerate and Informatica offers numerous data delivery styles and technologies in a sliding-scale fashion to meet all various needs. This includes batch ETL, real-time change data capture, and federated query capabilities."

According to Informatica, version 9 is the single most important release in the company's history, and is a comprehensive solution for solving the challenges of managing data across the enterprise. With Informatica 9, companies can lower the costs and time to discover data and deliver it the way it is needed. They can also identify the bad data that is impacting business decisions and fix it faster. This is facilitated by Informatica's support for all data domains and all applications across all geographies. Lastly, version 9 enables the control and management of data wherever it is located, whether that be on-premise, in the cloud, with partner networks or any combination of these.

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