Breaking News—Jaspersoft Unveils New Enterprise Edition with Latest Product Release

Jaspersoft, a provider of open source business intelligence software, today announced the availability of Jaspersoft 3.7, and also unveiled the new Jaspersoft Enterprise Edition, which offers a complete package of advanced business analytics and reporting functionality.

"The trend is clear: large-scale, sophisticated BI deployments are no longer limited to large organizations. Customers of all sizes are faced with substantial reporting and analysis challenges but have been traditionally constrained by budget," states Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "Jaspersoft 3.7 and our new Enterprise Edition address the needs of these customers with our most robust release to date."

The Jaspersoft Enterprise Edition is a customized package designed for organizations that need advanced and highly scalable features, such as data integration, relational OLAP services, audit logging and multi-tenancy capabilities, and according to the vendor, Jaspersoft Enterprise Edition helps deliver the type of advanced BI capabilities previously available from traditional BI providers and at higher cost. With this latest introduction, Jaspersoft now offers three product editions, including Community, Professional and Enterprise.

Specific new capabilities in Jaspersoft 3.7 enable customers to find answers faster with new interactive functions in Jaspersoft's integrated in-memory analysis, letting users slice, pivot, filter,drill into, and visualize their data. Additionally a new search-powered report repository allows users to quickly find reports. The latest version also provides capabilities for business users to interact with advanced Flash-based graphs, maps and widgets, which make reports, dashboards, and applications more powerful; as well as capabilities for administrators to gain greater manageability, and visibility into the Jaspersoft BI platform through a complete audit log which chronicles many aspects of report usage, and provides tuning features to optimize in-memory analysis processing. Jasperoft 3.7 also provides capabilities for customers to dynamically design web-based, ad hoc reports, refining filters, modifying dimensions and visualization techniques on the fly.

Jaspersoft 3.7 includes certified support for several analytic databases optimized for data warehousing, and support for an enterprise-class federated data services platform for multiple heterogeneous data source environments.

For more information about specific features available in Jaspersoft 3.7, go here. Customers who want to learn how to use Jaspersoft 3.7, can register for a Jaspersoft University course in a classroom or live online setting. Localized versions of Jaspersoft 3.7, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, as well as the Community Edition will be announced in February.