Breaking News—New MEGA Release Emphasizes Enterprise Architecture, Supports BPMN Standard

MEGA, a provider of enterprise architecture (EA) and business process analysis (BPA) solutions, today launched a version of its flagship modeling suite, incorporating enhanced IT planning capabilities, more enterprise architecture features, and support for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), the industry standard for process descriptions.

The MEGA Modeling Suite, 2009 edition, includes MEGA IT Planning, a toolset designed to help enterprises build and compare effective in-depth scenarios for IT system transformation, the vendor says. The software enables what-if analysis for accurate forecasts of the effects of change within the IT environment. The software includes a customizable library of EA management-oriented, predefined dashboards to support decision-making. As a result, enterprises can better synchronize IT investments with business strategy.

"IT Planning lets you plan the transition to get you from one state to the another," Dan Hebta, vice president of technology for MEGA, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We also now support relational databases for deployment. So you can continue to use MEGA's own object-oriented repository, or you can choose to deploy on Oracle or SQL Server."

The new version of the suite also incorporates MEGA Process BPMN, which provides decision support through process mapping and analysis capabilities. Process owners, business and IT architects can take advantage of the common notation of BPMN to simplify communication, and accelerate their business process optimization initiatives.

"What we're doing with this new release is supporting full BPMN at the process level, and that gives us a lot of benefit for ease of use, and familiarity for people who already know the notation," Hebta says. "We can get into existing or new accounts where users don't need to spend any substantial amount of time trying to learn new shapes or new paradigms," he explains. "If they already know BPMN, its very comfortable for them."

Hebta adds that BPMN, an Object Management Group standard, "has evolved to a point where it is strong enough to function within MEGA. MEGA has a long history of process analysis, we have methodologies, we have a meta model, we have certain capabilities, and BPMN is at a point where it can be layered on top of that."

A new web editor is included in MEGA Modeling Suite extends real-time access to the enterprise repository by enabling access via a role-based web front-end.

For more details, visit the MEGA website.