Breaking News—Oracle Announces Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g and Oracle In-Memory Database Cache 11g

Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g and Oracle In-Memory Database Cache 11g, the database caching option for Oracle Database 11g.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a stand-alone in-memory relational database with full persistence and recoverability and Oracle In-Memory Database Cache is the pre-integrated SQL cache database option for the Oracle Database.

The new release includes enhancements in three key functionality areas. The first is the introduction of an in-memory Database Cache Grid, which not only extends the reach of the Oracle Database to the middle tier and provides better performance on low-cost hardware but it also provides the ability to scale out horizontally and incrementally as needed, Marie-Anne Neimant, vice president of product development, Oracle, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

In the second category of enhancements the focus is to minimize changes to applications, explains Neimant. New support for PL/SQL, OCI, and Pro*C simplifies the use of the Oracle In-Memory Database Cache by existing Oracle Database applications to improve application response time and throughput. "These are, from the point of view of applications that use the Oracle Database, a huge deal. It means the OCI and PL/SQL applications can start benefiting from the In-Memory Database Cache with minimal and possibly absolutely no changes to the applications," explains Neimant.

And finally, with the new release, Oracle is introducing new features in its continuing support for high availability, and cross-tier high availability. "We have been supporting high availability across tiers for some time already. What we are adding here is out-of-the-box automated failover which we achieve by integrating with Oracle Clusterware and also integration with Oracle Data Guard," states Niemant. "We are now part of the Maximum Availability Architecture, so we play in the entire MAA stack from Oracle."

Oracle In-Memory Database Cache 11g is fully integrated with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, including Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle SQL Developer, and components of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

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