Breaking News—Stratavia Releases Latest Data Center Automation Platform

Stratavia, a provider of data center automation software, today announced it has begun shipping the newest version of its Data Palette Data Center Automation Platform. Data Palette, version 6, includes features such as native workflow, embedded solution applications and metadata injection for intelligent data center automation.

"With Data Palette, decision points and metadata injection, a user could create a single corporate standard database refresh workflow to work across all database platforms and then create decision points based on database vendor, version and patch level, OS and any other nuances that need to be taken into account," Mike Puterbaugh, vice president of marketing for Stratavia, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Stratavia leverages its database automation solutions to address automation across the entire application stack, the vendor said. Adding to existing automation content for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, VMware and Sybase, Data Palette has released new solution applications for automated application release management, Web application incident management and MySQL administration automation.

These solution applications remove many of the operational disconnects that occur between siloed IT groups which are typically the leading cause for increased costs and delays in compliance and new service rollouts, Puterbaugh says. "Cross-platform support is an absolute requirement of today's enterprise data center," he explains. "To avoid ‘workflow sprawl,' the repeated copying or altering of automation workflows to suit individual platforms or version levels, our Data Palette platform leverages workflows with decision points. At those decision points, infrastructure metadata can be injected into the workflow, to branch the automation process appropriately."

Data Palette 6 leverages corporate-standard access and authentication guidelines by integrating Data Palette's existing Rules Based Access Control (RBAC) with the Active Directory infrastructure. This enables self-service automation, giving team members the requisite capabilities to automate IT tasks as needed. The result is increased access control, while reducing the maintenance associated with user accounts. Also, Data Palette introduces Smart Groups, enabling logical machine groupings for comprehensive policy-based automation. Smart Groups dynamically includes new assets into automation schemes, ensuring that machines are kept in compliance.

"Data Palette is currently the industry's only automation platform to allow for this type of decision automation," Puterbaugh says. "Once this workflow is built, there is tremendous ROI, as any skill-set level administrator can run the workflow with confidence, as it requires little to no on-the-fly changes and no manual inputs which, as we know, are the major causes of data center outages."

For more information, visit the Stratavia website.