Breaking News—Sybase Announces Continued Momentum for Adoption of Sybase ASE 15

With end of life approaching for Sybase ASE 12.5, Sybase today announced continuing momentum for the adoption of Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15, which was initially introduced in 2005 and has since been followed by three more feature releases, with another one scheduled for later this year.

Several application partners such as Calypso, Bradmark, Mysis and SunGard and systems management, storage and tools providers including BMC, Bradmark, Guardium and Orsyp have certified their products with ASE 15 to ensure that joint customers' growing data management requirements are met.

The core value proposition around ASE 15 is the ability to deal with terabytes of data at very high performance levels, Raj Rathee, product manager for Sybase ASE, explains to 5 Minute Briefing. In addition to customers' requirements in terms of transaction management they also have requirements around the increasing data volumes and the need to do more complex queries that are typical of decision support systems, and all of that must be done concurrently with transactions, he adds. "We are very good now with ASE 15 dealing with both kinds of workloads going on simultaneously within the server, so you can have transactional work running, which really generates the revenues for our end customers, as well as reports, decision systems, running at the same time and not affecting each other. You are still getting very high levels of performance."

In addition, a range of features have been introduced in ASE 15 that include better usability, general performance improvements, enhancements relating to security, including column-level encryption, as well as others.

Well over a thousand customers are running their applications on ASE 15, according to Sybase, which points to several high-profile customers as part of today's announcement.

For example, one of the largest non-profit healthcare organizations in the U.S., BJC HealthCare utilizes Sybase ASE 15 and Sybase Professional Services for its pharmaceutical decision support system; and MIQS, Inc., which provides a knowledge-based healthcare information technology solution to over 5,500 clinicians assisting with the management of business and clinical processes in the care of chronically ill patients, depends on Sybase ASE 15 for its flagship product, the Disease Manager Plus software suite. Additionally, Garvin Institute, Australia's largest medical research institutions with more than 500 scientists, students and support staff, relies on ASE 15 to compile and analyze research data for more than 30 separate databases.

Sybase support of ASE 12.5 will end on December 31. To further assist with the migration to ASE 15, Sybase is announcing a range of resources and tools for customers, including: a free three-day ASE 15 Post-Migration Performance Tuning online education course, a Query Processing Tuning (QP TUNE) analysis tool that identifies problems such as slow running queries and creates missing statistics, and ASE 15 Migration Consulting Services. For more information on the three-day course, go here.