Breaking News—Sybase Announces IQ 15.1 with In-Database Analytics and New Dedicated Partner Certification Program

Sybase, Inc. today announced the availability of Sybase IQ 15.1, the newest version of its column-based analytics server. With this new release, organizations can utilize Sybase IQ 15.1 in-database analytics functionality to run predictive analytics business logic directly in the database.

"This is really a groundbreaking approach to in-database business analytics. We are not only coming out with the functionality in Sybase 15.1 but we actually can say that we are the only high-performance column-based server that supports hundreds of statistical and data management functions-so, as many as organizations need to do-completely inside the database, and supporting as many concurrent users as those organizations need," Lisa Hopkins, director of product marketing for Sybase IQ, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It is that combination of capabilities that is really unique to Sybase."

This new approach allows businesses and governmental agencies to perform critical drill-downs and predictive analysis in data-intensive environments that were previously impossible or impractical using traditional "outside the database" methods, according to Sybase.

With Sybase 15.1, users can not only do these processes quickly but also do them against an unlimited amount of historical data, adds Hopkins. "Really, for predictive analytics, the accuracy is based on two things: the predictive model that you build-are you asking the right questions; and then, can you run that predictive model against enough historical data for it to be accurate."

More than ever, organizations' competitiveness is being driven by smart decision-making, and analytical processing needs to be done on ever-increasing data volumes in shorter timeframes, observes Joydeep Das, senior product manager, Sybase IQ. "The real value proposition of our platform besides our strong performance and scalability capabilities, is also that we are able to allow customers to do that cost-effectively on these large data sets because IQ is known for its ability to compress large amounts of data and store it very efficiently, yet allow these high performance algorithms to run within the database."

With the Sybase IQ 15.1 release, Sybase is also announcing a dedicated partner certification program to assist predictive analytics software partners to port their libraries to the Sybase IQ User Defined Function API. Analytics model provider Fuzzy Logix is the first certified partner to provide direct in-database access with its DB Lytix analytics models, which offer a collection of functions, from simple statistical analysis to Monte Carlo simulations and pattern recognition. Go here for more information.