Breaking News—Sybase IQ 15.1 Delivers Top Performance Results for Enterprise-Scale Data Warehousing and Analytics with TPC-H Benchmark

Sybase, Inc. today announced that its IQ 15.1 column-based analytics server, working with the IBM Power 595 system and running the AIX 6L version 6.1 Operating System, achieved the best overall performance result currently published among all non-clustered systems for the TPC-H benchmark at the 3TB scale factor .  In addition, the Sybase and IBM solution also recorded the best current overall price/performance result among non-clustered systems that deliver over 100,000 QphH for the TPC-H benchmark at the 3TB scale factor .

The TPC-H benchmark simulates decision support systems that analyze enterprise-scale data volumes, execute queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions. According to Sybase, the benchmark result demonstrates how Sybase IQ 15.1's innovative architecture and query parallelism delivers maximum performance while requiring less overall IT resources by fully utilizing available assets, which significantly reduces ownership costs.

"Today's forward-looking enterprises are searching for the fastest and most affordable ways to deliver results for mission-critical analytics, business intelligence and reporting solutions," states Dan Lahl, director of analytics for Sybase.  "This benchmark demonstrates that Sybase IQ, the leading column-based analytics server, combined with IBM Power systems, deliver on Sybase IQ's promise of unsurpassed analytics query speeds, on terabytes of data, delivered to thousands of users at exactly the right time."   

The TPC-H benchmark results for this joint Sybase and IBM solution  include t he best performance at the 3000 GB scale-factor (3TB) among non-clustered systems and second best performance of all results delivering 156,537.3 QphH@3000GB ; the best price-performance at the 3000 GB scale-factor (3TB) of any non-clustered system performing over 100k QphH@3000GB delivering $20.60/QphH@3000GB; and, with Sybase IQ 15.1, the highest QphH performance ever published for Sybase IQ in the TPC-H benchmark - at least 18 times greater than any previous result achieved with Sybase IQ 12.6 or 12.7.

To learn more about Sybase IQ and the additional features and benefits of version 15.1, go here.