Newsletters Announces its AI-Powered Product Manager Tool, Natasha, is in Beta is launching a beta of Natasha, an AI-powered product manager that aims to democratize software development with Builder Studio 3.0.

For the first time, she (the AI) can interact with customers, starting to remove massive amounts of human variance in the journey from an idea in their head to the app in their hand, according to the vendor.

Natasha has the ability and potential to switch software development from being a long-drawn-out consultancy operation to a smooth, predictable, consistent, and replicable process.

 In the beta, the solution will show up in two areas of the Builder Studio: through a chat experience for customers and also as an agent listening to customer conversations, automatically tagging features and asking questions of the customer-facing teams (via chat), thereby ensuring that every conversation is powered by the collective insight of all conversations.

"'s mission has always been to be the connection between every great idea and a fully realized product, whilst giving our customers the utmost control over their future," said co-founder and CEO, Sachin Dev Duggal. "We've launched the new Builder Studio 3.0 with the beta of Natasha to push the envelope of what we all thought was possible. Imagine a world where you can pick up the phone, speak to Natasha and three days later have your app in the AppStore; this is the future we are building towards."

Natasha can manage projects in real time with unparalleled transparency and consistency, compressing weeks of work into hours and minutes, according to the vendor.

The solution possesses the rationality to translate an idea into a set of features; break a project into parallel streams for a faster build; choose the best developers; set timelines; and calculate budgets.

Natasha is powered by much of the AI the company has built over the last two years from multiple machine learning (ML) applications that include natural language processing (NLP), feature and template recommendations, as well as statistical models for pricing and timeline estimations.

All of these are powered by's patent pending Knowledge Graph. But what makes Natasha special is her potential to be suggestive. She learns and adapts with every new conversation to get better at the one thing she loves – building software, according to the vendor.

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