Bus-Tech Connects Mainframes to Virtual Tape Library Offerings

Bus-Tech, Inc., a supplier of data center connectivity products, has introduced a new library model intended to add mainframe connectivity to distributed systems Virtual Tape Library (VTL) vendors' offerings and provide data centers with a single backup vehicle for both mainframe and distributed system server environments. The Mainframe Data Library (MDL) model 100V is intended to simplify data backup for the enterprise, take advantage of the VTL's deduplication capabilities and reduces the overall cost associated with data protection, the vendor says.

Interoperability was confirmed based on testing at Bus-Tech's laboratory in Burlington, Mass. As part of the certification process, the MDL-100V was tested with the industry leading VTL vendors' products for three key measurements: connectivity and functionality; read and write performance; and deduplication effectiveness where applicable. The combined solution underwent stress and functionality tests to help ensure users can perform normal tape processing without any changes to their existing applications or JCL. The MDL-100V provides a cost effective solution for using disk for mainframe and open system backup and recovery.

Included in the testing were EMC's Disk Library, FalconStor Virtual Tape Library, Quantum's DXi 7500 and the SEPATON S2100-ES2.

The new solution will be of particular interest to organizations that have primarily an open systems background but want to include their mainframe piece, Jim O'Connor, director of product marketing, Bus-Tech, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We want to become the standard on how to add mainframe connectivity in this converged mainframe and distributed world," states O'Connor.

The MDL-100V connects to the VTLs as a server via dual fibre channel. The MDL-100V is available with either FICON or ESCON mainframe channel attachment and emulates up to 32 tape drives (3480/90 and 3590) on the mainframe. As the mainframe writes tape volumes to the MDL-100V they are passed directly through to the VTL. Subsequent vaulting of the data is a function of the specific VTL.

The announcement of the MDL-100V follows Bus-Tech's announcement earlier this month of the interoperability of Bus-Tech's MDL with HP StorageWorks XP and Enterprise Virtual Array storage products. Interoperability was confirmed based on testing at HP's laboratory in Roseville, Calif. For more information, go here.