Bus-Tech Updates Mainframe Data Library

Bus-Tech, a supplier of mainframe virtual tape libraries, announced a new release of its tape library that combines the latest Intel Server offering with release 7.0 of Bus-Tech's Virtuent virtual tape technology. Version 7 of Bus-Tech's Mainframe Data Library (MDL) includes an enhanced library file system, HTML-based configuration utilities, z/OS Master Console support, enhanced data encryption using RSA Key Manager, and phone-home capabilities.

"These technical, security and performance improvements to the Mainframe Data Library were driven by customer requirements," says Al Brandt, president of Bus-Tech. "This is just another step in our quest toward advancing data protection and improving overall functionality in the Mainframe VTL marketplace."

The library file system is intended to simplify configuration and administration functions, and therefore make it easier to add storage to the virtual tape library as needed. The new release also introduces storage classes; enabling customers to manage the overall cost and effectiveness of the VTL-based storage. Another new feature, z/OS Master Console support, enables customers to configure their MDL to direct informational, warning, and/or error messages to a z/OS master console. Operators can use the z/OS console to issue commands to the MDL in order to query the status and operate the library.

The MDL also supports RSA key management, Bus-Tech says, and an RSA client is pre-installed in each MDL.

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