C3 Releases Extensive Update for its Signature Platform

C3 is releasing version 7.8 of its platform, delivering improvements for developers, data scientists, and end users.

The update introduces a new and comprehensive C3 Integrated Development Studio, (C3 IDS), enhanced security, improved performance and scalability, new model management capabilities, enhanced machine learning pipelines, local Docker development environments, and many new features across the suite of SaaS C3 Applications.

The performance and productivity improvements reduce organizational IT expenditures and accelerate AI-based digital transformation efforts. 

C3 V7.8 provides new model management capabilities to configure and deploy scalable models, performance improvements due to incremental data normalization, down sampling of high frequency time series data, normalization and evaluation of timeseries data at 1 second intervals, and query-time normalization. 

In addition, new virtual data lake support enables organizations to use the C3 Platform to connect to multiple, existing local data stores (e.g. SAP HANA, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Apache HDFS, Apache Hbase, Oracle Database, Postgres, Cassandra, AWS DynamoDB, SQL Server, and MongoDB) while providing developers and data scientists a virtual unified data access layer.

C3 V7.8 continues investments in Kubernetes/Docker based deployments across cloud providers and enables over 40 new multi-cloud services as pre-built Types in the C3 Platform (e.g. Azure Event Hub, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Server, Azure Blob, Store, Amazon ECS, and Amazon SQS).  

“With Version 7.8 of the C3 Platform, C3 continues to lead in delivering a cohesive AI development platform resulting in 10-100x faster development of AI-based applications compared to building it yourself with cloud microservices.  Digital transformation has become a strategic necessity for today’s enterprises,” said Ed Abbo, C3 President and CTO.  “C3 V7.8 supports the requirements of global enterprises that are ramping up significant development teams on the C3 Platform to redefine their business processes with predictive and prescriptive analytics.”

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