CA Announces New Security, Compliance Products

CA, Inc. has announced new products designed to help strengthen IT security, lower costs of managing compliance, and improve enterprise-wide IT risk management.

The products and integrations include: CA Access Control 12.5 with new features to deliver privileged user management and enhanced host access control; improved integration of CA Identity Manager 12.5 and CA Role & Compliance Manager 12.5 for more streamlined identity lifecycle management, including "Smart Provisioning" capabilities; CA DLP 12.0 with extended discovery, protection, and control of sensitive data; CA Records Manager 12.6 with additional features for information governance and content protection, as well as addressing compliance demands; and CA Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager 2.5 (CA GRC Manager) with new features to help manage IT risk and compliance information and initiatives.

Organizations have deployed many technologies to meet their security and compliance challenges, Gijo Mathew, vice president of security product marketing at CA, tells 5 Minute Briefing. But the problem is that as more regulations and more needs arise, there is redundancy in the work, and new potential arises to configure technology to meet other requirements.

The new releases are intended to enable CA to meet a range of client requirements, with expanded capabilities to cover more use cases. Another capability the new releases provide is a visibility layer to map controls to objectives, so customers can be assured that they have the coverage they need. "Most organizations still keep spreadsheets to do that," says Mathew. "What we are doing is helping to automate that entire process. So when someone says, ‘are you compliant?' they can answer that question very easily."

With the increased use of virtualized, cloud, and on-premise and off-premise environments, says Mathew, "your data may not be just within your bounds anymore, and hence you need to have more controls over your systems and how those systems are accessed, as well as to have a more data-centric approach to security."

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