CA Brings More Machine Learning to Mainframes

CA Technologies says it is incorporating predictive analytics capabilities for monitoring data that touches the mainframe. CA Mainframe Operations Intelligence is a new algorithms-based solution suite that identifies and predicts system issues before they impact performance. Machine learning is applied to make sure there is no downtime and provides the intelligence that reduces the effort and skill to run data centers.

Another release, CA Workload Automation, is intended to make it easier to run emerging workloads such as big data, cloud and mobile applications. It schedules, manages and monitors cross-enterprise workloads through an intuitive web interface for ease of access and increased visibility.

New automation capabilities also are designed to help customers manage the entire project lifecycle of their mainframe software migration efforts. CA Conversion Service is a cloud-based service to manage conversion efforts from data preparation to design and rollout, reducing the need for expensive professional services or staff disruptions.

Another feature, CA Release Automation Connector for z/OS supports continuous delivery and deployment, including source code management integration with CA Endevor Software Change Manager, now enhanced to manage Java components and provide better auditing capabilities for faster delivery speed across mainframe and distributed environments.

New releases of CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager are engineered to help find, classify and protect sensitive and regulated data at rest and in motion, ultimately helping prevent costly data breaches and insider threats within mainframe environments. This data protection solution runs 100% on the mainframe, CA added.

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