CA Expands Data Visualization Across Cloud and On-Premises Systems

CA Technologies is offering new CA ERwin products and releases to help a wider range of users visualize data assets across the enterprise - from on-premise platforms to the cloud. The new solutions include CA ERwin Data Modeler for SQL Azure, ERwin Web Portal, and CA ERwin Data Modeler r8.2. CA ERwin data modeling tools are intended to provide a centralized, common view of business data in context to business and technical users.

CA ERwin Data Modeler for SQL Azure is aimed at helping customers manage and integrate their Microsoft SQL Azure cloud database environments.  Using familiar modeling paradigms, it provides visibility into data assets and the complex relationships between them. "Many of our customers are looking to move their data off-premise to the cloud but have some concerns about which data to move and how they get there," Donna Burbank, vice president of product marketing at CA Technologies, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Our support allows customers to manage their data structures in the same way that they have traditionally done with their on-premise database now in the clouds. Off-premise does not mean out of their control. They can still see the data structures and they can still maintain them, they just happen to be stored more efficiently in the cloud."  

In addition, ERwin Web Portal, another new solution, is intended to help organizations to get more value out of their data, providing visibility into the metadata that describes the business context of data assets-including definitions, structures and relationships between data. With organizations increasingly focusing on their data as result of data governance or business intelligence initiatives, there are more people in non technical roles looking at the data, says Burbank. These users may not want to look at a technical modeling tool and yet they still want to see the information. Part of the idea of the new web portal is to make the information in ERwin more accessible to non-technical audiences, notes Burbank, while for the technical audience it offers powerful new tools for impact analysis.

Finally, there is the 8.2 release of the flagship product, CA ERwin Data Modeler, which facilitates collaboration across the enterprise with newly added concurrent licensing and Active Model template functionality. Concurrent licensing enables users to more easily share and manage licenses across the organization, which is expected to be useful for large enterprises with automated software distribution and/or geographically dispersed modeling teams so they can maximize their ERwin investment, says Burbank. In addition, new Active Model templates will make it easier for organizations to share and reuse model objects across models while leveraging existing data assets.

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