CA Offers 'Freemium' IT Monitoring Solution

CA is offering a free version of its CA Nimsoft Monitor solution to help customers quickly achieve visibility into the health of their IT resources. Built on the same code base as CA Nimsoft Monitor release 7, its premium commercial offering, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap addresses the needs of emerging enterprises.

The new product also gives large enterprise IT organizations and departmental IT service teams the opportunity to adopt the management technology without cost or unnecessary risk so they can help drive down operational costs and better safeguard service delivery as their IT environments become increasingly dynamic.

CA’s first “freemium” offering

CA acquired Nimsoft about three and a half years ago and the product has had “great momentum and customer adoption,” Bill Talbot, director of product marketing for CA’s infrastructure management solutions and business unit at CA, said in an interview. With this, CA’s first “freemium” offering, the company seeks to meet the requirements of emerging, high-growth enterprises, as well as reaching out to the system and admin people rather than the economic buyer.

“We want to get the product directly into the hands of the end user so they can have test drive themselves and see if it meets their needs,” Talbot said. The point, he said, is to make it “drop dead simple” and offer fast deployment so that registration to reporting can happen in as little as an hour.

Nimsoft Monitor Snap provides dashboards, alarms, and guided workflows

According to CA, Nimsoft Monitor Snap provides dashboards, alarms, and guided workflows to help find and resolve issues, as well as built-in tips and tricks and best practices. Not a trial or limited time offer, Nimsoft Monitor Snap is free for perpetual use and can be used for up to 30 monitored devices each with unlimited monitors. The initial release of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap supports English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. CA Technologies plans to synchronize future releases of both products, which will continue to retain the same code base.

CA Technologies has created a community support site - CA Snap Central at - that is open to everyone, including CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap customers. The site includes a community discussion board, free documentation, a knowledge base, instructional videos and a forum for sharing ideas for future releases. A free download of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap is available at