CA Proposes Cloud Approach to Cut System z Storage Costs

CA Technologies has introduced new technology intended to help customers lower the cost of storing data processed on IBM System z by backing up the data and archiving it to the cloud.

According to CA, Cloud Storage for System z, when used with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage and the Riverbed Whitewater cloud storage appliance from Riverbed Technology, can help customers lower storage costs to pennies per gigabyte (GB), while improving disaster recovery readiness. AWS cloud storage is accessed without changing the existing backup infrastructure.

The Whitewater appliance is designed to help integrate cloud storage infrastructures to deliver rapid recovery and storage for backup and archive data. By using CA Cloud Storage for System z in conjunction with the appliance, enterprises can back up IBM System z storage data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical data storage, or to Amazon Glacier, a low-cost storage service for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable.

CA Cloud Storage for System z is designed to cut storage costs by taking advantage of the efficiencies AWS offers such as capacity on demand and reduced dependency on storage media. The solution set is also engineered to help increase the speed to access, store, retrieve and recover storage data, CA said. There is also reduced data center risk by storing data securely off-site, while addressing regulatory guidelines for long-term data retention.

In addition, according to CA, it seamlessly operates with current applications that store and retrieve data without programming changes, and automatically reduces storage size and network bandwidth requirements through de-duplication algorithms and the number of bytes sent into the cloud.

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