CA Releases New Mainframe Application Tuner

CA Technologies has announced a mainframe tool that is the combination of two of its application performance management products, as well as additional integrations, features and functions.

The new product, CA Mainframe Application Tuner, combines the performance analysis and tuning capabilities of TRILOGexpert TriTune with the automated performance management of TRILOGexpert APC for TriTune. CA Technologies has a non-exclusive, worldwide source agreement to develop, market and support this technology, thus facilitating innovation beyond its previous capabilities.

The new product is part of CA's "Mainframe 2.0" initiative, Mark Combs, distinguished senior vice president of CA's mainframe unit, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It is fully supported by Mainframe Software Manager and it is part of our Mainframe Software Stack." Mainframe 2.0, announced in November 2008, seeks to simplify the governance, management, and security of IBM's z/OS platform. By streamlining essential mainframe management tasks, the Mainframe 2.0 portfolio is aimed at supporting less experienced mainframe staff while also enabling experienced mainframe professionals to focus on more demanding responsibilities.

CA Mainframe Application Tuner will help mainframe programmers debug and validate their products, as well as ensure that the applications they have written are fine-tuned for efficiency, Combs explains. In addition, when problems occur in production, the toolset will enable them to pinpoint the sources of those problems.

By helping performance managers more quickly identify and mitigate the root causes of application performance inefficiencies in z/OS-based systems, CA Mainframe Application Tuner supports improved response times and lower CPU consumption. 

To help streamline APM, development and testing activities, CA Mainframe Application Tuner integrates with other CA Technologies software, including CA Technologies' cross-platform APM solution, by automatically providing drill-down details about mainframe performance issues to IT analysts and insulating them from complexities of the applications and operating system. Application Tuner also supports CA Endevor Software Change Manager and key testing solutions, including CA InterTest and CA SymDump, by automating and simplifying the process by which developers can view and update their programs, and helping to prevent manual errors. In addition, the new release integrates with CA Mainframe Software Manager.

The integrations mean that it is much more simple and seamless for programmers, Combs notes.

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