CA Technologies Acquires DevOps Tools Vendor

CA Technologies has completed the acquisition of Veracode, a provider of web, mobile and third-party applications across the software development lifecycle. The acquisition positions CA Technologies as a leader in the Secure DevOps market. Under the terms of the agreement, the transaction is valued at approximately $614 million in cash.

Following the acquisition, Veracode announced four new features in its Veracode Application Security Platform: Accelerated Results, Custom Cleansers, Greenlight Auto-Scan and Perl language support. With these new features, Veracode intends to further boost developer productivity. The new features within the platform help developers reduce risk in their applications with improved time to results, accuracy and portfolio coverage.

“Developers want to reduce risk in their applications while maintaining the speed of development that CI/CD environments and DevOps demand,” said Tim Jarrett, senior director of enterprise security strategy for Veracode. “By allowing them to review results faster and removing noise from the results, with the added advantage of support for legacy code, the new features empower businesses to secure more of their application portfolios with fully automated security testing.”

The features include accelerated results which provide developers with security findings as each application module finishes scanning. This new feature is intended to empower developers to address security issues sooner in the software development lifecycle by providing results up to eight-times faster than previous methods.

An additional feature, Custom Cleansers, lets security architects and teams extend Veracode Static Analysis to recognize custom cleansing functions for common vulnerabilities including SQL injection, URL redirection, log forging, and header injection. This new feature allows developers to secure code faster with more accurate findings and actionable results.

Another upgrade, Veracode Greenlight Auto-Scan, is a hands-free feature that automatically scans a file the moment it is saved, eliminating the manual step for developers. Perl Language Support helps security teams ensure that more of their portfolio, particularly web applications built using legacy languages, is secure.

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