CA Technologies Acquires Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Consulting Firm

CA Technologies continued its investment in virtualization and cloud management, by announcing the acquisition of privately-held 4Base Technology, a virtualization and cloud infrastructure consulting firm. 4Base will become the CA Virtualization and Cloud Strategy group, a competency practice within the CA Services division. With experience in more than 300 engagements, 4Base will help customers move quickly, pragmatically and successfully from virtualization to cloud by providing strategic advice and implementation expertise.

"The bottom line here is that this is all about helping our customers build their virtualization maturity," Andi Mann, vice president of product marketing for virtualization and automation at CA, tells 5 Minute Briefing. While all companies are deploying virtualization, the majority of them appear to get to a point in their virtualization deployments where they get stuck, and their sticking points are often around manageability, around staffing, resources, around costs, and around just understanding the best practices for moving forward, he explains. In fact, he notes, industry research shows that the average organization has only deployed virtualization to about 30% of their servers.

"4Base really comes into this process for us by giving our customers not just the people skills and resources, but also the best practices built out of hundreds of virtualization deployments to help them get over those humps and to help them beat what we are calling VM stall - or virtual stall," says Mann. With these resources, he contends, they will be able to get "exponential benefit" out of virtualization by expanding that level of maturity.

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