CA Technologies Announces Private Cloud Toolset

CA Technologies is offering a new solution intended to enable IT to provide rapid, predictable and secure provisioning and delivery of cloud infrastructure and critical IT and business services.

The product, CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms, is the company's fifth solution certified for use with VCE Vblock Infrastructure Platforms, all of which are based on CA Technologies Unified Automation solutions. Many organizations are evaluating and testing converged private cloud architectures, such as Vblock Platforms, that enable IT resources to be dynamically pooled and shared across multiple physical and virtual computing environments.

"Many CA customers that have purchased VCE Vblock Infrastructure Platforms realize they need to manage the services and workloads; end to end and as part of their overall management strategy," Stephen Elliot, vice president, product management, solutions for CA Technologies, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "CA is providing customers with the choice to manage their Vblock services, either through Unified Infrastructure Manager integrations with our portfolio or with our five unique, purpose-built VCE Management solutions for virtual desktops, SAP migrations, capacity management, and automated processes or self-service." 

The software enables companies to move toward what CA calls a "converged private cloud architecture." At this point, companies "are fast realizing that automation and management must be planned and part of the picture," Elliot explains. "We are finding customers want a single automation platform, to control across physical, virtual, converged fabric, and legacy infrastructure."    

CA Private Cloud Accelerator is designed to address these expectations by offering standardization, a rapid provisioning process and performance predictability. The toolset leverages CA Process Automation and CA Service Catalog to provide users with a single, unified view and point of control across virtual and private cloud resources.

Primary users of the toolset will "primarily data center teams, operations teams, applications teams for the SAP solution, essentially the teams that purchase the VCE fabric," says Elliot.

For additional information, visit CA Technologies.