CA Technologies Announces Support for IBM's Latest Mainframe OS Release

CA Technologies announced "day one" support for IBM's next generation z/OS V1.13 across its line of mainframe management software solutions, including CA Mainframe Chorus and CA Mainframe Software Manager (MSM).

"Our same-day support reflects our commitment to helping customers maximize the value of IBM's next generation mainframe platform with our next generation Mainframe management capabilities," says Dayton Semerjian, general manager of CA's mainframe unit. "As both companies continue to innovate, we will work together to deliver on this objective."

CA also says it has implemented support for IBM's SMP/E FIXCAT HOLDDATA to facilitate identification of CA product maintenance required for compatibility with z/OS v1.13. In addition, CA recently delivered same-day support for IBM's new, innovative zEnterprise model z114 hardware and introduced new capabilities for managing Linux on System z.

CA Mainframe Chorus is designed to help reduce costs, simplify management and improve operational efficiency, offering a role-based integrated management workspace, rich data visualization, a modern GUI, and advanced knowledge capture and transfer capabilities. CA Mainframe Software Manager is intended to help customers acquire, install, deploy, configure and maintain mainframe products. CA Mainframe Software Manager can also ease the upgrade process and accelerate time-to-benefit as customers move to the new z/OS operating system.

More information is available at the CA Technologies website.