CA Technologies Beefs Up Identity Security Portfolio for VMware NSX Environments

CA Technologies announced new product releases in its identity-centric security portfolio that protect and enable the hybrid enterprise, spanning cloud, distributed, mobile, and mainframe. A new release of CA Privileged Access Manager helps control privileged user access to dynamic VMware NSX environments. Updates to CA Identity Suite help simplify identity governance for all users, and a new product, CA Data Content Discovery, helps address compliance demands by discovering and classifying mainframe data.

CA Privileged Access Manager offers privileged access management interoperability with VMware NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform for the software-defined data center. Combining the two products helps secure system access for VMware NSX administrators, as well as help improve operational efficiencies, CA said.

“This release of CA Privileged Access Manager, and its ability to control privileged user access and protect privileged credentials, allows customers to extend the benefits of the VMware NSX network virtualization platform and micro-segmentation,” said Steve Firestone, senior vice president and general manager for CA’s security business.

CA Privileged Access Manager focuses on securing privileged accounts to minimize the risk of damaging breaches. The latest release interoperates with VMware NSX Service Composer to provide advanced security operator privileges for VMware NSX network-based resources and the underlying VMware NSX management environment. When unusual events or incidents are flagged, CA Privileged Access Manager provides dynamic security responses, such as terminating an administrative session, automatically starting session recordings, or forcing the administrative user to re-authenticate with stronger credentials. These automatic controls help protect privileged users and credentials from compromise and risk, while helping to maintain the integrity of the operating environment.

CA also said it is simplifying identity management and governance processes for business users who are now responsible for the identity-related functions that were once the domain of a central IT group. The new release of CA Identity Suite provides a business user experience designed to drive high user adoption and customer satisfaction across both the business and IT. Using new Web and mobile application launch pads, users can perform all identity and governance related processes from one centralized pane on any device.

CA Identity Suite also integrates with CA Advanced Authentication to provide credential provisioning for robust multi-factor authentication. This new capability includes step-up authentication, which requires the user to provide more evidence to prove they are who they claim to be when attempting an activity that is flagged as suspicious or more risky.

CA Data Content Discovery helps safeguard mainframe data by automatically scanning the data to identify where sensitive and regulated information is located, how it’s accessed and by whom.

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