CA Technologies Launches Portals for API Development

CA Technologies has made updates to its portal, designed to help developers build mobile, web and other applications on their IT infrastructures. The release of CA Layer 7 API Portal is intended to support partner, third-party and internal developers across multiple groups simultaneously, granting each unit its own set of access and API publishing privileges — all from a single portal.

“The new API Portal adds critical API grouping and package capabilities, and enables publishing directly from the API Portal using pre-defined policies that our customers can tailor to their needs,” said Dana Crane, senior product manager for CA Technologies. “With the API Portal, an organization can create a branded interface for developers, so they can access all the design time resources needed to quickly discover and understand an API, and then create an application and track its usage.”

The newest release of the API Portal provides features to speed application development, including API Grouping, which enables developers to add multiple APIs with a single click. Another feature, API Packages, enables API owners to build packages of APIs that expose different sets of functionality. This streamlines on-boarding so developers who sign up for an account on the API Portal can select the plan they require and automatically receive an appropriate set of APIs.

The CA Layer 7 API Portal provides features such as API discovery, interactive documentation, exploration, and automatic creation of API documentation and code samples in the developer's programming language of choice.

The new release also enables integration with the CA Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway to easily add security to an application. By using the Mobile SDK from the Mobile Access Gateway for the app, developers can add all the security functions required by the business without having to code it themselves. The SDK maintains security consistency no matter what changes are made on the back end.

The CA Layer 7 API Portal is available for both on-premise and cloud deployments. The product is part of last year's acquisition of Layer 7 Technologies by CA.

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