CA Technologies Provides Microservices Boost

CA Technologies has added new solutions and capabilities within its API Management portfolio that are intended to help developers, enterprise architects and digital leaders create and deploy microservices—and manage the APIs that connect and orchestrate microservices.

The latest innovations include expanded capabilities of CA Live API Creator to create, deploy and run microservices. The new product set also includes Docker container deployment options across many products within the API Management portfolio for end-to-end support in microservices architectures.

CA said it also supports Docker container-based deployment of CA Live API Creator and CA API Gateway for microservices creation, security and management. In addition, CA has expanded its point-and-click solution, CA Live API Creator, to speed up development of comprehensive microservices incorporating data, logic and robust APIs. Rounding out the enhancements, the new CA Microgateway, currently available in beta, helps enforce local policies for microservices, such as service discovery, routing, last mile security and rate limiting.

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