CA Technologies Reaffirms Mainframe Commitment

CA Technologies announced a strategic direction intended to help mainframe customers embrace the next-generation data center. At its recent partner conference, the company says it made “significant” new investments in mainframe solutions to provide customers with the tools to manage data centers with reliability, security and speed.

The CA Technologies Mainframe strategy will help customers by sustaining investments in foundational technologies; collaborating closely with customers on product design to help CA Technologies develop products that meet customers’ most critical IT needs; and streamlining for savings and return on investment through the company’s Mainframe Software Rationalization Program (MSRP), which assesses customers’ portfolio needs and can help them to realize estimated savings of up to $1.4 million a year.

“Information technology is in the midst of a tremendous change cycle,” says Michael Madden, general manager for CA's mainframe division. “We have responded with a strategy that serves the evolving requirements of the data center, including cost-effectiveness, data security and speed.”

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