CA Technologies Releases New Version of Mainframe Application Tuning Tool

CA Technologies, an enterprise IT solutions provider, has updated its mainframe application tuning tool, which now provides a consolidated view of enterprise applications through a graphical interface. CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 is designed to help administrators more quickly resolve performance inefficiencies in z/OS-based systems.

“Any application program, no matter what platform it’s running on, can experience performance problems,” Mark Combs, distinguished senior vice president for CA Technologies' Mainframe Customer Solutions Unit, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “For example, most financial applications, even those with the most cutting edge consumer-friendly faces, are integrated with mainframe applications on the back end to actually complete and record those transactions. When one of these applications is running slowly, it’s important to be able to quickly find the root cause of the problem so it can be corrected.”

CA Mainframe Application Tuner is designed to monitor mainframe application programs to pinpoint delays and show where the application is spending its time. It observes and samples program activity, showing the application view of performance, and presents detailed application-specific delay information, pinpointing where excessive processing or wait time may be occurring. From a single program–monitoring session, CA Mainframe Application Tuner can answer questions for the mainframe application programmer, systems programmer, and database administrator. This capability saves time and reduces the resources required to resolve program bottlenecks or delays.

The toolset monitors and analyzes programs running in the native z/OS environment, but not programs running under Unix System Services or Linux on System z, says Combs.

CA Mainframe Application Tuner combines automated performance management with drill-down performance metrics. The addition of a graphical user interface that displays performance data from multiple sources in a single view enables users to better discover tuning opportunities, simplify root cause analysis, and speed resolution of application performance problems, the vendor says.

The new Eclipse-based user interface for CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 supports IBM Rational Developer for System z and comes at no additional cost. In addition, CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 provides enhanced support for applications that use IBM DB2 for z/OS, IBM IMS for z/OS and CA IDMS databases.

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