CA Technologies Releases Real-Time Operational Analysis Tool

CA Technologies has introduced the latest release of CA Identity Suite, its leading identity and access governance solution, designed to add real-time analytics to strengthen operational efficiencies. It also provides new personalization and mobility capabilities plus pre-configured deployment scenarios that simplify the business user experience and drive faster implementation and time-to-value.

“The identity and access governance functions that are critical to the security and business operations of an organization are no longer the responsibility of a central IT group; that job is now in the hands of business users who need a streamlined and simple way to process identity-related tasks and workflows,” said Mordecai Rosen, general manager of CA Technologies’ security business.

By adding analytics into CA Identity Suite, customers have real-time insight into how core processes are operating within the identity management workflow. A deep visualization of each process and its status helps the managers responsible for access certifications identify and drill down to the root cause of any bottlenecks for quick remediation.

CA Identity Suite has pre-configured to help give customers a jump-start to help speed deployment, whether it’s contractor lifecycle management (onboarding, termination), employee lifecycle management (modification, user type conversion) or user self-service.

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