CA Technologies Seeks to Strengthen Cloud-Borne Identities

CA Technologies has begun shipping a new version of its identity and access management (IAM) service solution that extends its reach across multiple vendor cloud platforms. CA CloudMinder now provides support for social identities and additional on-premise and cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365.

With the rise of cloud services and mobile technologies, identity and access management is being put to the test, says Mike Denning, general manager of CA's security business. The goal of CloudMinder was to serve as “single bridge that manages the identities and access for employees, partners and customers to cloud or on-premise applications no matter what device or what identity they chose to use.”

New capabilities in CA CloudMinder include support for Social Identities. With support for OpenID, OAuth, WS-Fed and SAML, CA CloudMinder provides SSO and self-registration to vendor sites using Facebook and Google identities.

CA CloudMinder Advanced Authentication protects against unapproved and unauthorized access using multiple forms of strong authentication and risk analysis to validate a user’s identity. CA CloudMinder Identity Management provides user provisioning and de-provisioning to a set of on-premise applications and cloud services as well as user management capabilities. CA CloudMinder Single Sign-On (SSO) supports extended and hybrid enterprise with identity federation in a cloud-based single sign-on solution.

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