CA Technologies Ships Cross-Enterprise Workload Automation Tool

CA Technologies, a provider of enterprise management tools, announced a new release of its cross-enterprise workload automation solution that includes an enhanced user interface and expanded application and platform support. CA Workload Automation is designed to support the delivery of integrated user experiences across distributed, mainframe and cloud platforms.

“Workload automation sits at the heart of the business services delivered by enterprises around the world. It is the workhorse that manages the processes critical to business operations,” says Mark Combs, senior vice president of strategy and mainframe for CA Technologies.

CA Workload Automation includes several new capabilities that help customers reduce the complexity of managing workloads across the hybrid computing environment of distributed, mainframe and cloud. Supported by new releases of CA Workload Automation AE, CA Workload Automation iDash and CA Workload Automation iXP, among others, the solution helps improve business service delivery to drive a positive customer experience.

The new release includes integrated workload automation capabilities intended to help IT to better manage workloads, support a broader range of applications, and exploit newer platform technology such as Mainframe zIIP Specialty Engines, SQL Server Integration Services, Web services, and Tandem NSK.

The enhanced UI provides IT with advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities that automate administrative tasks and accelerate root-cause analysis, resulting in improved service levels and IT efficiency. It also reduces reliance on maintaining customized processes and manual efforts, resulting in lower costs of managing complex workloads.

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