CA Technologies Targets the Customer Experience

CA Technologies has introduced a new version of its converged infrastructure management solution for enhancing customer experiences, CA Infrastructure Management (CA IM). CA IM  integrates elements of CA Technologies Service Assurance portfolio, and is capable of translating volumes of disparate performance data into actionable insight delivered in unified, user-specific views, the vendor says. 

“CIOs have become 'Chief Experience Officers,' as the customer experience becomes an increasingly powerful weapon in today’s competitive world,” says Mike Sargent, general manager of enterprise management for CA. “Cloud, virtualization and mobile growth have changed the way users consume IT-related services, making the IT function more important to the customer experience. We developed CA Infrastructure Management to help our enterprise and service provider customers capture, engage and retain customers by offering a superior and differentiated customer experience. A new study* shows that when customers act on the insight delivered by CA IM, service problems can be resolved as much as 25 times faster. And we estimate that it can be done up to 50 percent less total cost.” 

Increases in volume and types of traffic, data and devices on the Internet, coupled with outdated methods, processes and tools to manage them, creates a level of IT complexity that challenges IT organizations as they strive to meet soaring customer expectations.

CA Infrastructure Management addresses these challenges by offering specialized functionality, sophisticated analytics capabilities, massive scalability and adaptability for existing environments. The solution provides IT teams easy access to graphic displays of the specific information they need to improve service quality and deliver a superior customer experience with less effort and reduced costs. 

CA IM is also designed to help enterprise IT personnel manage rapid growth of bring your own device (BYOD), video and application complexity in heavily virtualized infrastructures. The solution incorporates converged application and infrastructure, with end-to-end application response time monitoring that tracks, measures and analyzes application performance across the network infrastructure, compares the response time against intelligent baselines and thresholds, and alerts on any performance deterioration to deliver application-aware infrastructure management. 

The solution also incorporates converged analytics that span the entire infrastructure to determine baselines, calculate trends, establish thresholds, detect anomalies and trigger automatic investigation. Results are delivered in converged, contextual views for actionable intelligence based on the user’s role.

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