CA Technologies to Deliver Data Modeling Solution for SQL Azure Cloud

CA Technologies announced a new solution intended to help companies manage and integrate their database infrastructure with Microsoft's SQL Azure cloud database environment. The new product, CA ERwin Data Modeler for SQL Azure, is designed to enable data managers to make fact-based decisions about which data to move to the cloud and which to keep on premise.

This new release of Erwin Data Modeler will also enable data transfer from other databases beyond SQL Server, Donna Burbank, senior director of product marketing for the Data Management business at CA Technologies, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "This solution will enable data transfer from other databases in addition to SQL Server, such as Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, or DB2."

The release enables managers and administrators to create an inventory of data assets, including both cloud and on-premise databases, using a single visual interface. It also aids in migrations from on-premise databases, such as SQL Server, to cloud-based databases, such as SQL Azure. The toolset features a familiar desktop data modeling paradigm.

The ERwin Data Modeling product is targeted at both private enterprise cloud and external public cloud implementations, Burbank says. "The solution is up to the customer, and how they choose to deploy MS SQL Azure."

The solution also addresses concern about data security in the cloud, Burbank says. "Many customers are concerned about the decision to move data to the cloud," she explains. "They've heard the buzz, but have fears about security, privacy, the learning curve for new technologies, and loss of control over their data. With a data modeling tool such as CA ERwin Data Modeler, customers decide which data to move to the cloud, and which to maintain on-premise, using a data model as a roadmap for their data infrastructure."

Once data is migrated to the cloud, "customers can use the same familiar data modeling paradigm for cloud-based data as for their on-premise data using CA ERwin Data Modeler," Burbank adds. "With this tool, customers have a single visual interface providing a centralized view of all data sources-both on-premise and in the cloud."

CA ERwin Data Modeler is a key component of CA's ERwin family of products, offering an integrated set of technologies that help enable best practices for database design and modeling.

Information about ERwin is available from the product's community site.